Our Dream

“Courage, Dear Heart” C.S. Lewis


Modern culture is so preoccupied with chasing eternal youth and ageless beauty that the beauty canon became subsequently farfetched and artificial.

Cosmetic companies compete to create an ultimate beauty solution, obsessed with younger looks, perfect, smooth and flawless complexions. All the wrinkles are to be erased and eradicated, any signs of ageing – well hidden, masked. As if looks, especially woman’s looks, was all that mattered.

Our dream is for women to dare to feel good in their skin, irrespective of age.

To cherish their individuality, be whoever they want to be, live whatever way they want to, without comparing, judging, and being judged. To quote George Eliot: “It is never too late to become what you might have been.”

Let us be kind to each other. Let us explore and experience life. Let us try,  ask questions, learn more and desire more. Let us be more confident in our skin, irrespective of age or skin colour. Let us live our lives without low self-esteem, guilt or fear. Let us embrace the change. Let us take pleasure, liberate ourselves from musts and do nots.

Whisper. Wonder. Dream. Imagine.

Creating a life that feels good on the inside; not just looks good on the outside.